What is this about?

This blog will mostly serve as a personal memory pad. I often discover a process, learn something new or just am plain forgetful. Therefore I’ll try to write down various things that I learn during my journey as a programmer and enthusiast on all things technical.

With that in mind, the idea is to make the content posted here general enough so that any random Google’er would also be able to understand it.

What will be on here? Mostly things related to programming and technology. What I learn is almost always related to some hobby project I got going on.

Another thing I’ll try to do is post upfront whatever version of tools or libraries I might be using throughout that post. Far too often has it bothered me that I didn’t know what version an article or tutorial applied to, or had in mind, and because of that, one might be doing something that was solved in later versions of said library or tool.

A little background on me

I am primarily self-taught, and started my venture out with PHP and the web dev stack (JS, HTML and CSS). This also got me my first programming related jobs, and I’ve been grateful for that. Later on, I started playing around with Python and a small plethora of various languages. All in the imperative end of things though.

I then started studying at university, which I still do, and around the time I started I got more interested in declarative and functional programming. Namely Haskell. This has been my focus since, although the progress is slow (my imperative background is slowing me a bit). It is quite a joy to work with GHC, and the level of assurance the compiler gives when writing programs. I am a big fan of programming with types.

I’ll be trying to update this blog as much as time allows. Hopefully there’ll be something interesting on here from time to time.