Local notifications from irssi on a remote server

So, if you’re like me and like to have your IRC client (in this instance irssi) running on a server in a tmux or screen session to never miss out on the conversation, you might feel like you’re missing some of the benefits of running a local IRC client.

In particular, I was missing local notifications when someone would highlight my nickname. I could of course use a bouncer, but hey! it’s no fun running irssi locally and having to close it for a reboot just as you’ve gotten it precisely the way you like it 🙂…

So, how does one solve this problem?

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Deploying with Vagrant

UPDATE: I wouldn’t really recommend this approach anymore! In stead you should look into Docker for containerization and Stack for the Haskell side

I recently started looking into ways that I could improve my current deployment workflow. Since my server doesn’t have much RAM, I currently build the binaries locally in a Virtual Machine (VM from here on out) and then send them to the server using scp.

Although I can’t do much about the server part (except buying a bigger server), I can do something about what I do locally. I set out to check what possibilities I had, and ended up looking at Vagrant.

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What is this about?

This blog will mostly serve as a personal memory pad. I often discover a process, learn something new or just am plain forgetful. Therefore I’ll try to write down various things that I learn during my journey as a programmer and enthusiast on all things technical.

With that in mind, the idea is to make the content posted here general enough so that any random Google’er would also be able to understand it.

What will be on here? Mostly things related to programming and technology. What I learn is almost always related to some hobby project I got going on.

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